Destin Surf Trip January 2, 2011

It was a COLD session in Destin. Twelve hours of driving. Two days of tornado warnings followed by howling offshore wind. The water temp was 54 degrees. Best trip all year.

We had some time to test out the new GoPro camera while waiting out the storms. See below for a ping pong fail.


  1. Great shots. Enjoyed the session and so glad we rallied to get out there.

  2. Steve Combs says:

    When in doubt, go out.

  3. I look forward to a redemption on the video.

  4. John Miller says:

    Great pictures. That was a fun session. I’ve built a handle for the GoPro, should be good for some great footage next time.

  5. Pam Diersen says:

    Cool Steve, but wasn’t your headbone freezing? We had a great time at the OBX. Just did a little kayaking. Was pretty cold, but the oyster eating was great. No surfers out.

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