Chattahoochee River Second Annual Summer Splash

On July 25, Paddle Anywhere will be taking on the Chattahoochee River again for the National Park Service Second Annual Summer Splash (Details).

UPDATE: We had a great trip. Steve, Sean, and Karen took two epoxy YOLO stand up paddleboards and one YOLOyak down the river. The water was clear and running with a litlle  current. We saw turtles, blue heron, and carp. We also paddled by just in time to see a a guy in a boat catch a big striper. The only shoals we had trouble with were at the very end at Cochran Shoals (pictured below). It was no trouble to get around the rocks by walking or finding an alternate course on the river. We all took a little spill at some point on the shoals but it was nice to cool off at the end of the 6-mile trip.